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CIC’s Environmental Responsibility & Corporate Sustainability Report

Central Ink Corporation is devoted to meeting or exceeding all safety and regulatory standards set by government and industry organizations. All of the employees here at Central Ink are focused on providing environmentally-friendly products as well as exploring more ways to decrease our dependence on petroleum based products.

Central Ink Corporation utilizes numerous environmentally friendly raw materials in the formulation of our products. The utilization of these products minimizes the negative impact to our environment without compromising the outstanding press performance and unsurpassed quality Central Ink is known to produce. Central Ink Corporation believes that continuing to provide sustainable products and the reduction of waste are large parts of our overall responsibility as an eco-conscious organization.

We include several renewable resources in the production of our printing inks to minimize our impact on the environment. For example, we choose to consume a high percentage of soybean oil in our Cold Set inks; allowing these products to be formulated with very low Volatile Organic Components (VOC). Our Sheetfed products are extremely low in VOC’s; they contain both soybean and linseed oils. While utilizing renewable resources, our Heatset product lines use a variation of soybean oil and rosin-based resins, which have a high renewable content. Finally, our UV inks do not contain any volatiles, eliminating any emissions.

Our research and development staff at Central Ink Corporation is committed to evaluating and using ecologically friendly raw materials. We are always assessing our product, searching for new and more improved methods that contain more eco-conscious materials in order to provide our customers with unique and innovative solutions for all of their printing needs. In addition, Central Ink Corporations Mobile Diagnostics team utilizes proprietary technology to help our customers minimize waste. This technology helps our customers improve the quality of their finished products and also allows them to optimize production.


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