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****Price Increase Information****

Central Ink Corporation will be increasing prices on printing inks, coatings, and pressroom chemistry products effective 2022.

As the global economy begins its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been various challenges to the global supply chain. Worldwide reductions in operating capacity coupled with stronger demand have led to supply shocks, price increases, longer lead times, and increased logistics costs for chemical materials used in the manufacturing of printing inks, coatings, and pressroom chemistry products. More acute issues such as the freeze in Texas have led to capacity shutdowns and declarations of force majeure. Domestically, upward pressure on several commodities such as soybean and linseed oils are also driving costs up.

We anticipate ink increase to be between 7 and 10 percent, dependent on product line. Pressroom chemistry will be handled by formula.


As Central Ink Corporation enters into its 83rd year of manufacturing ink, the company is embracing business strategies to prepare for the next 83 years. With new ideas and continued commitment to excellence, Central Ink Corporation is preparing itself to introduce new product lines to enter new markets. Diversification of products and markets ensures a stable future for the company, every employee, and their dependents.

Our customers need the ability to make a choice and Central Ink Corporation, an entrepreneurial company, provides the printing industry with a choice. Central Ink is determined to make a difference in the printing industry.


Our Vision

Our objective is to continue to grow in annual revenue by leading the industry in quality and service. In order to realize this growth, Central Ink Corporation fosters a culture that promotes employee participation through open book management and empowerment of people.


Our Mission

Central Ink Corporation will promote a company culture which fosters an organization where every employee is educated and involved in our success. We are dedicated to supporting all employees to allow them to grow and reach their fullest potential. Employees will be rewarded based on their performance, which ensures employee ownership in the success of the company.

Our culture will maintain unsurpassed tolerance levels in all facets of manufacturing, while providing timely delivery. We will remain committed to meeting the challenges presented to us.

Our culture will allow us to continue to be a low cost producer with the ability to customize our products to satisfy the customer’s specific needs. We will continue to be involved in the customer’s profitability by understanding the printing process, and providing a recommitment to state of the art technology and communication using Print Diagnostics.

Our culture will remain innovative through a willingness to change.

Price Increase

Central Ink will be implementing price increases for ink and pressroom chemistry effective April 1st, 2018. The percentage increase will be mid-to-high single digits, depending on formulation and product line. Central Ink has absorbed escalating costs for raw materials and transportation since our last price increase four years ago. The most recent increases have been driven by production and supply restrictions on key raw materials, including several overseas force majeure events. Further cost pressure is expected throughout 2018. Central Ink can no longer absorb these increased costs and provide the same level of quality and service.


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